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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Trends!!

Okay, so June's come up and its time to go through JUNE TRENDS!! So one of my favorite trends right now is striped tops! Oh my gosh I have three of those and I can't get enough of them!I remember that when I got my third one ( a blue and white one with LACE!) and I showed it to my mom I realized it actually was really similar to another one I have (well without the lace). "But the lace makes all the difference!"I said!

The second trend is animal print...Well,I haven't actually tried it out yet(sigh) but I definitely would love to!! You can wear it on anything from a dress to shoes or a top!!  How great is that?

Colour blocking. Excuse me but I cannot find words to describe this ...( :D) trend. It is one of my favorite!!!<3<3 And seriously you can trust Shay Mitchell and Katy Perry to rock this awesome trend! And stupid me just found the word I was looking for...oh well!

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