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Sunday, April 28, 2013

My favorite shops #2 Pimkie

I'm super excited about this post because Pimkie is one of my absolute favorite shops! Which is why I'm writing about it...(sigh). Oh well. Here goes, enjoy!<3


Pimkie is a french shop that sells varied and affordable ( most of the time I guess?) clothes and accessories.
pimkie barcelona
Lately I got an awesome leather jacket and an adorable owl necklace!
Hope you enjoyed and check it out!
Here is the online shop adress( sorry guys the site is in french)

My favorite shops #1 Bijou Brigitte

Okay, so today I am starting a series of posts on one same topic: my favorite shops!!
No not supermarkets! Clothes/accessories shops!

#1 Bijou Brigitte:

So, this an awesome accessory shop with everything from hair accessories and jewelery to purses and hats.
 As you can see, everything is organized by colour and "function". Most shops are colourful and extremely appealing and I can easily spend hours and hours on end in there!
Hope you try and out and maybe love it like me!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Airplane essentials/hair/makeup/outfit

April2013 trends!

Get creative with wild nail art!
Be daring and mix prints!
We're all longing for summer to start(sigh...) to make the time pass faster and give you the "illusion" that you're already there, try out tropical print and  rock your shades babe!