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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tartan print!!

Flower prints!!!

Flower prints have been very popular on the runway so first I'm gonna show you a few examples then I'll try to put together an outfit inspired by those on the runway.

Viktor&Rolf-Gianmarco Lorenzi-Irregular Choice
Nina Ricci-Nina Ricci-Vionnet

Idea for an outfit

Pimkie dress

Ways to wear a scarf



High messy buns

High messy buns have been very popular on the red carpet.

Here is a tutorial on how to make your own easily.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Violetta charcters inspired outfits

Okay so like a lot of people I completly am addicted to this series "Violetta". I think that the clothes that the characters wear are just so beautiful and trendy. So in this post I'm gonna try to give a few essentials to a few of their looks.

Martina Stoessel aka Violetta

So in the series, Martina basically only wears t-shirts and skirts. Outside, her style is a bit more trendy and urban.Here are a few of her esssentials:
a white camisole or simple top ; a tribal print pair of leggings and a few colourfull acessories.

Candelaria Molfese aka Camila

In the series,Candelaria has a very daring style. In an episode she was a hippie, in another an emo and in another a punk.

Outside the set, Candelaria has a very similar style to her character, Camila but a little less daring.
Like Martina, Candelaria wears trendy but edgy clothes.She wears a lot of flower printed clothes and a lot of accessories.

Lodovica Comello aka Francesca

Lodovica Comello can be simple and casual but also very trendy chic with dramatic makeup.
To do Lodovica signature look take:

a "pied de poule" dress
a large red belt

and a large red headband.

And here is your Lodovica Comello signature look.

Mercedes Lambre aka Ludmilla

In the series, Mercedes plays the rich pest Ludmila. So of course her clothes are very very chic.
Here is an outfit that I found on google images that I think would go very well with Mercedes only maybe with a little more pink...

And don't forget the gold doc martens!!

Alba Rico aka Nata

In the series, Alba plays Nata, Ludmilla's friend that follows her every move. Nata wears a lot of wild prints and leather. If you want to dress like her wear trendy clothes but be sure to add animal prints and wild patterns.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oxford collars best pics


Tribal trend

As you can see the tribal print has been very popular lately,you can either wear it on your hole outfit or just on a skirt, scarf or bracelet.