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Friday, August 23, 2013


In fashion,some items are edgy, girly,boho or chic . But if you pair the right things together, your basics become super versatile.

In this set I made on Polyvore, is a perfect example of versatility. In each of these outfits there is a plain white t-shirt. Does it look exactly the same? No!
With a chunky chain necklace, a leather jacket and skirt and some boots, that wardrobe staple becomes edgy. With a suede jacket, aztec printed shorts, sandals, a boho necklace and headband it becomes boho. With a sleeveless denim jacket, a pink skirt and nude shoes its girly!
In this last outfit, it gets chic with a fitted black skirt, black peep-toe heels, a black cross body purse and a bird necklace!

See what I mean?? Take your wardrobe basics like jeans, a white tee or a denim jacket and transform it entirely!!

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