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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fashion tips

Here are some Fashion ABC Basics:
1. Skinnies and flats make a perfect casual, yet put together outfit!
2. Patterns aren't too scary, you should try out patterns to make an outfit have dimension and pop!
3. Horizontal stripes make you look WIDER, vertical stripes make you look TALLER
4. Do not wear socks and sandals! For example, flip flops with knee-high socks. Yuck! 
5. Nude colored pumps make your legs look longer! So, make sure you get a pair on your next shopping spree!
6. Plain nails are boring... jazz it up a bit with a fun color for the warmer days!
7. Split ends equals hot mess! Get a trim asap!
8. Black heels are an essential!
9. When shopping, make sure to check out the "on sale" area! You will save time, money and maybe find something oober cute!
10. Accessories are everything! Make sure you have at least 3 accessories!


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